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What has been your biggest change since intermittent fasting with BodyFast?


Hello dear BodyFast community! πŸ‘‹ We know there are so many ways intermittent fasting can help your body and your mind! πŸ™πŸ§  What has been the biggest change you have noticed since you started using our app? Please record a short video answering this question and add it to this Stitcht thread. ⏺️ This gives you the chance to win a life-time subscription to the BodyFast Coach worth $300! πŸ’Έ Here are some quick tips for recording: 1. Hold your phone in portrait mode 🀳 2. Find some good lighting πŸ’‘ 3. Make sure your microphone is not covered and you are in a quiet place 🀫 We are looking forward to your video! πŸ—£